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CoRP combines project management, team communication and coordination, time tracking and invoicing in a single easy-to-use tool. Focus on work that actually gets you paid, instead of wasting time on administrative overhead.

Manage your tasks and projects

 Plan and organize to-dos and keep a grasp on what's happening at a glance

Track your time without effort

Track your time with a single click and let others know about your progress

Collaborate effectively

Share planning, knowledge, documents and lessons learned with colleagues

Get started

Most features of CoRP are free for single users


Flexible licensing

Activate licenses based on individual team requirements


Unlock additional features as needed


CoRP is designed with strong emphasis on ease of use. Learning from the best, we chose to build on Google's Material Design guidelines to provide a clean, modern and intuitive user interface.

Customize your work environment to match your needs. UI scaling and high contrast color modes provide perfect clarity. Choose between light and dark mode according to your preferences.

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